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Christine Patton | Life Coach & Motivational Speaker |

About Christine

Performance Coach
and Inspirational Speaker

Christine Patton is an inspirational coach, speaker and author of “Showing Up: Becoming the Me I Want To Be”. Christine cares deeply about her clients and helps them to take responsibility for their lives and their happiness.

Whether your next move is grand or small, it can make an impact about how you feel about your life. Perhaps this change is immense, such as discerning your life purpose. Maybe it is as small as refining your attitude about your work or current life situation. Who you are and how you fit into this world is one of the most important questions we all have to face. It is only once we start digging deep and asking ourselves these questions that we can start showing up in our own lives, present, awake and ready to take responsibility and tackle our challenges.


I recently had the pleasure of participating in a mini-workshop with Christine Patton entitled Advanced Performance Dynamics for Business that focused on the HeartMath® philosophies. Christine’s knowledge and scope of experience in coaching and motivational speaking are admirable. Christine delivered a thought-provoking and relevant talk and demonstrated an effective exercise for reducing everyday stress. Christine’s warm, upbeat and engaging delivery had the group (20) participating enthusiastically. Positive outcomes were demonstrated and shared; comments around the room were optimistic and encouraging. The only negative was the fact that the allotted one-hour lunchtime session was not nearly enough time with Christine or the topic.
Since beginning my relationship with Chris earlier this year, she has been an exemplary professional coach, mentor, and friend. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in the lives of others and her insights and direction are always immediately helpful. She has left many individuals feeling supported and championed in the attainment of their goals. Chris has been a vital resource to myself and Kelowna Women in Business and look forward to our continuing relationship.
Hi Chris! I was so impressed with your presentation at the KWIB event. I just wanted to drop you a note and express that I did take some notes from your talk and I have created action items for my business.
As the coach for the Kelowna Sun Run InTraining Clinic, I always struggle with finding speakers to provide valuable information, tools and inspiration to the run participants, especially given the 15- minute speaking window that our clinic structure provides. Chris came in guns-blazing, and absolutely wowed the crowd of runners with a powerful and succinct coaching session. She’s confident, enthusiastic, supremely knowledgeable, highly empathetic and has a knack for reading the room. She provided us with simple tools and a powerful message to help us become better versions of ourselves, both on and off the roads. The effect of Chris’s message was evidenced by the animated conversations on the run, post-coaching session. Despite the fact that Chris isn’t a runner, she immediately connected with the clinic participants and delivered a poignant and practical message that reflected her experience, her fantastic sense of humour and her passion for coaching. This was a clinic session that the participants won’t soon forget!
I’ve been through many training and coaching programs in my life, and because of that I don’t usually expect to see any dramatic changes, but only incremental ones. Chris’ coaching was different! A lot of previous teachings came together for me in an exciting and powerful way. One of the things I loved most about my time with Chris is her total focus and presence. She has an empathetic quality that is so rare these days! She intuitively “gets me” and was able to directly help with my specific concerns and things I am working on, by giving real practical advice that just makes sense for me. I highly recommend Chris as a teacher, mentor and coach for anyone who is seeking a personal breakthrough and wants to take their life to the next level of consciousness, joy and productivity.
I first met Chris Patton early in 2017. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, passion and energy. It was with great excitement that we started working together in May of 2017. Chris has spoken several times for BWB - Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. Most notably she led a fantastic 120 minute workshop - ADVANCED PERFORMANCE DYNAMICS in Oct 2017. We had a fantastic turnout and everyone was very engaged with Chris's presentation. She read and addressed her audience well and everyone felt they gained great insight and tools they could use to improve their well-being. She challenged us to incorporate what she shared and be the best version of our selves. Thanks Chris for inspiring your clients and those of us lucky enough to hear your presentations.
At Sprott Shaw College on March 2, 2017 we had the privilege of having Chris Patton visit us as a guest speaker. In her presentation she taught our students and staff about the practice of HeartMath. HeartMath is a mindfulness tool based on the connection between the brain and heart. She instilled that when our heart and mind work together we can produce the life we have always wanted, and no one person has any more power than the other. We learned we have the capability to harness emotional responsibility, and that we can use that same power to change our world one thought at a time. By encouraging mindfulness tools we give students an opportunity to cultivate a connection from within. In addition, on June 15, 2017 Chris was kind enough to speak at the SSC graduation ceremony. She delivered a positive message to the students commissioning "The Courage to Dream, Your Life Is Waiting". Her speech was thoughtful, optimistic, and well received by the students, families, and friends. In a world where we are seeing a higher demand in obligations, pressure to produce more for less, and where anxiety is seeping into the people who are trying to produce better results, we need to tap into different copping mechanisms. If your organization wants to create a positive shift, increase productivity, and promote resilience I highly recommend inviting Chris to speak.
I had the pleasure to attend one-on-one coaching sessions with Chris to learn how to become more effective when handling personal and professional daily life challenges and stresses. The techniques taught by Chris have made a tremendous difference in how I approach and cope with challenging situations. This has resulted in improved communications, reduced stress and improved sleeping patterns. I recommend the HeartMath techniques and more importantly, the personalized coaching provided by Chris. She has a great sense of humor and passion for these techniques and therefore, we had fun in our sessions. I looked forward to each session and plan to keep in contact with Chris to discuss the progress of the journey she has taken me through.   In addition, I have enrolled my daughter in one of her coaching programs to help her with sports performance and look forward to seeing the results of this coaching. I highly recommend Chris!
Dear Coach Chris, When I first made your acquaintance, I had just set an epic goal. I registered for the SKAHA ULTRA SWIM-a 12 km swim spanning the length of Ska ha Lake. I had registered in an event to swim from Penticton to Okanagan Falls on August 13, 2017. I had confidence in my fitness level to complete this swim but it is almost double the distance of any swims I had done in the past in open water. I sought help for the mental preparedness. The ability to keep the mind focussed for 4-5 hours of open water swimming. This is where Chris' program helped me to rock this out. Your training program provided the perfect plan. Not only did I make gains in my swimming, and in this competition, the added bonus was the transference of skills into my business and personal life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to reach a goal or break a barrier! They will be surprised to find the hidden giant lying under the surface of their skin! A big hug to you Coach! I DID IT!

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